Cult of Helix was conceived when Hayley Mary, of The Jezabels, had an out of body experience on her 27th birthday while on stage at the Sydney Opera House.

During the experience, triggered by a floating pebble appearing before her, the singer claims she was visited by a God of Snakes and Ladders which looked and felt like DNA. This was The Great Chrom, who told her of an ongoing war between the Powers of Perfection (PoP) and the rest of Random Humanity. Allegedly the Great Chrom promised Hayley her body back on the condition that she dedicate her life to fighting the PoP who are right now, with the help of current technology, closer than ever to obliterating the imperfections and differences that make human life possible and worth experiencing. Unless we become enlightened and resist the PoP en masse, through the celebration of imperfections, it is said by The Great Chrom that the future state of humanity will be confined to a very bland space called the HomogeNation. 

Soon after this visitation, Hayley found James and Michael Dow, who were to become known as the Brothers Chrom. This brother duo of producers from London had coincidentally received similar visitations from The Great Chrom and was trying to start a musical movement in celebration of the Helix and it’s beautiful imperfection. The three began building their ‘Musical Sermons’; a collection of mantras and stories conjured from the past, present and future. The sermons are inspired by the freedom, love & tribal nature of the early rave scene and call for mass enlightenment through the celebration of the imperfections of Random Unedited Humanity and the resistance of the PoP.

On June 23rd you are invited to listen to the first sermon 'Blood' and join the Cult of Helix and their non exclusive, somewhat chaotic club ‘The Disorder of 23’. 

Join to Protect the Helix! Protect the future!


Record Label: Independent

Booking Agent: AU/NZ | Rest of World

Publishing: Hayley - Native Tongue Music Publishing
James & Michael - Control